So many details go into planning a wedding-finding a place for the ceremony and the reception, the catering, the clothes, guest lists and invitations, and of course the decorations.  The details you plan are a great way to express your personality, your style, and to share a bit of yourselves with your friends and family and everyone you’ve invited to celebrate your “Big Day”.  Doing it yourselves means your day will be unique to you, and it could save you some cash to put towards the honeymoon!  Here are a few ideas for wedding decorations that can be done on a budget, and totally personalized for your event.

Hang In There!

Hanging decorations adds interest and dimension to the space.  Creating some drama above lets you keep things a bit more simple below.

  • REGOLIT hand made rice paper shades can be dreamy and elegant or fun and poppy.  All you need is water-based paint and a brush, or tub for dipping, to create one of a kind, custom globes.  Let your friends and family in on the fun and make it a pre-wedding painting party!
  • Clear bottles with simple sprigs of flowers or lanterns with candles hung from strips of fabric have a magical floating quality and add a touch of sparkle and shine.

Sew Happy Together!

There are so many ways to use fabric to add personality to a space.  You can drape it, make table cloths and runners, or wrap an ordinary object to make it a little more special (I put flower arrangements in large coffee cans wrapped in fabric to use as centerpieces at my own reception). Don’t worry if you can’t sew.  You can use pinking shears to create saw-tooth edges, use fabric glue or iron on hemming tape to create a straight edge, or just leave a raw edge.

Left of Centerpieces!

When it comes to centerpieces, think a little outside the box…or the vase.  Flowers are beautiful but expected, and they can get expensive when you use a lot of them.

  • Treat your guests to beautiful decorations they can eat, with beautiful mini cakes on stands, or assorted sweet treats on tiered serving platter and cake stands!  You can mix some flowers in for an elegant touch.
  • Use hurricane lanterns filled with objects that match your theme or the season, like holiday decorations for a winter wonderland theme, or seashells for a beach wedding.  Or keep it simple and romantic with a single block candle.

It’s not just any event, it’s your wedding day, so make it special, make it yours, and have fun!

For more DIY wedding décor ideas, check out our Weddings board on Pinterest!


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